My responses to the “Author Questionnaire” are now up at the Brick Books site

On my author page at Brick Books, I respond to the following questions:  When did you start writing?  Why do you write? Has this changed over time?  Who are some of your favourite writers? And what do you draw from their work?  Explain a particular poem of yours from a Brick Books publication.

Happy New Ear

for Wes, and with thanks to Phoebe (age 3) for the title

Here’s to fresh starts, clearing the decks,
making it new, forgiving debts. Last year
was grim. All bets were off. Needles and pins
and sink or swim. Grist for the mill and misery
loves company, a bitter pill, a monkey-
wrench in the machinery. Tooth and nail and
a leap in the dark. When it rains it pours. Listen,
here’s to fresh starts.

Déjà vu

slides into home plate

like a clumsy shy kid,   long after

the field has cleared.

A twinge

and the sun creeps out from behind a cloud

a doorway flasher, the half smile

smoother than Man Ray photographs, the mouth

full of don’t know.  Just enough

for the hungry snake of a heart

that gulps moments whole.

from I, Nadja, and Other Poems (Brick 2006)